About Peterborough Diocese Education Trust

Peterborough Diocese Education Trust (PDET) was established in April 2013. Between May 2014 and today we have grown to become the home of thirty three academies across the Diocese.

We aim to provide an excellent education to all of the children in all of our academies / schools and do our best to support our staff to deliver this.

     ‘A cord of three strands is not easily broken.’ (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

Our Purpose

As stated in our Articles, PDET was set up to advance, for the public benefit, education in the United Kingdom.

Our Vision:

For every child, within our Trust, to experience an excellent education and to realise their God-given potential to flourish.

Our Pathway to Achieving our Vision:

Working together as one, through the affirmation of God’s love within a distinctively Christian ethos, we aim to:

Educate for:

  • Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Hope and Aspiration
  • Community and Living Well Together
  • Dignity and Respect

Promote a positive, open and honest culture which embraces and nurtures these.

We ensure our academies are inclusive, serving the local community, welcoming all: children of the Christian faith, of other faiths or of no faith.

Educating for Wisdom and Knowledge:

Wisdom, knowledge, truth and accompanying good judgement are needed for all to flourish. Our academies encourage academic and spiritual development. They nurture academic discipline, emotional intelligence and creativity across the whole range of school subjects. Our academies nurture the understanding of how to be a good person and citizen and provide opportunities to practise this.

Educating for Hope and Aspiration:

Learning how to approach the future is crucial. Our academies support the character and moral development of all pupils giving them hope and aspirations. They develop pupils’ resilience to cope well when things are difficult and the perseverance to overcome barriers to their own learning and to make positive choices. Our academies inspire all to be courageous advocates for change in their local, national and global communities.

Educating for Community and Living Well Together:

Humanity is ‘co-humanity’, inextricably linked with others. Our academies promote social and cultural development and wellbeing. They provide an education and culture with a core focus on relationships and the practice of forgiveness and reconciliation, enabling all people to flourish and live well together.

Educating for Dignity and Respect:

Upholding dignity and showing respect to all are fundamental. Our academies encourage all to understand, celebrate and embrace difference and diversity so all can flourish because all are treated with dignity and respect.

Our Outcomes:

The following outcomes illustrate the realisation of our vision:

  • Excellent progress for all pupils
  • Individual high academic achievement
  • Whole person development (cognitive, spiritual, emotional, physical, moral and social)
  • Personal fulfilment and engagement for all adults
  • Efficient and effective shared services as a result of working as one Trust.


Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan sets out to share our priorities for the next three years, 2021 – 2024. Each strategic priority has been broken down into 'high level' strands with accompanying 3 year impact statements. It builds upon the successes already achieved by the Trust.  

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