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Academy Governance Committees (AGCs)

The Board of Directors is the overall governance body and is accountable for the Trust. Local governing bodies, who are called Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) in our Trust, are committees to which the Directors have chosen to delegate some specific responsibilities. AGCs engage with their local community and carry out the following very valuable role.

There are 2 key elements to the role of AGCs:

  • Vision and Values:
    • Help the academy set and review their local, contextual vision and values, aligned with the Trust’s vision
    • Monitor and support the academy to ensure the vision is being ‘lived out’ in every aspect of academy life
    • Preserve and further develop relationships with the community, and in particular with the church, in line with the academy’s and Trust’s vision and values
  • Delegated functions:
    • Carry out functions which have been specifically delegated to them as formal committees of the Board

Please see our Academy / School websites below for information on their Academy Governance Committee membership


If you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a governor at one of our schools, you can find more information on our Become one of our Governors page.