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PDET's Central Team

Central Team Structure

Our central team model is based on how we can best meet the needs of a family of schools that includes some larger primaries, but some very small rural primary schools that have less than 100 pupils. We look at ways to direct our resources effectively to ensure that each school operates as efficiently as possible whilst allowing the maximum investment in the quality of education.

For our Trust, part of this is about building educational leadership and operational capacity across a cluster of smaller schools, supported by a smaller number of central team staff who provide very specific strategic, educational and operational expertise in key areas. At this point we have four individuals in executive posts, with a larger central team of around 16 more people – mainly to lead and manage finance, HR and drive the academy improvement agenda.

Our model is effective. Only around two thirds of schools have joined PDET with a Good Ofsted rating, but that percentage has moved to 100% after inspection in the Trust. 

Lead members of the Central Team

Central Team (ID 1201)

  • Ruth Walker-Green
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Gill Broughton
    Director of Education
  • Helen Buckley
    Director of Governance and Compliance
  • Lee Hughes
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Annabel Moore
    Head of Finance
  • Melanie Morris
    Head of Human Resources (HR)
  • Elizabeth McLaverty
    Head of Operations
  • Daniel Parker
    Estates Manager
  • Martin Adamson
    Lead Academy Improvement Officer
  • Stephanie Awbery
    Head of Safeguarding and Inclusion