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Commonwealth Bronze Medallist Visits Welford, Sibbertoft & Sulby Endowed School


 Welford, Sibbertoft & Sulby Endowed School was thrilled to welcome back Commonwealth Bronze Medallist Craig Bowler, whose visit made a lasting impression on the students and staff alike. With pride and anticipation, everyone gathered to witness Craig's remarkable achievements firsthand. Craig's presence stirred a sense of admiration and inspiration as he generously shared his journey to success, recounting the trials and triumphs that led him to the Commonwealth Games podium.

During his visit, Craig graciously displayed his bronze medal, a tangible testament to his dedication and perseverance. Students acknowledged the effort and commitment it represented. Moreover, Craig taught the students how to bowl, showcasing his expertise in the sport. As Craig bid farewell, he inspired students to pursue their dreams with determination and passion.